The Modern Language Journal (Wiley) のGuest editorを務めました

査読付き国際誌The Modern Language Journal (Wiley)のGuest editorを、鈴木祐一氏(神奈川大学)・Robert DeKeyser氏(メリーランド大学)と共同で務めました(Vol. 103, Issue 3)。

我々が編集した特集号のテーマは、”Optimizing Second Language Practice in the Classroom: Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology”というもので、認知心理学の知見(分散学習、テスト効果、適性など)を元に、効果的な外国語学習を行う方法について考察しています。



1. Optimizing Second Language Practice in the Classroom: Perspectives From Cognitive Psychology (YUICHI SUZUKI, TATSUYA NAKATA, & ROBERT DEKEYSER)

2. Weighing up Exercises on Phrasal Verbs: Retrieval Versus Trial-and-Error Practices (BRIAN STRONG & FRANK BOERS)

3. Investigating Distribution of Practice Effects for the Learning of Foreign Language Verb Morphology in the Young Learner Classroom (ROWENA E. KASPROWICZ, EMMA MARSDEN, & NICK SEPHTON)

4. Distribution of Practice Effects in the Acquisition and Retention of L2 Mandarin Tonal Word Production (MAN LI & ROBERT DEKEYSER)

5. Mixing Grammar Exercises Facilitates Long-Term Retention: Effects of Blocking, Interleaving, and Increasing Practice (TATSUYA NAKATA & YUICHI SUZUKI)

6. Should We Listen or Read? Modality Effects in Implicit and Explicit Knowledge (KATHY MINHYE KIM & ALINE GODFROID)

7. Investigating Effects of Working Memory Training on Foreign Language Development (YUKO HAYASHI)

8. Cognitive Individual Differences as Predictors of Improvement and Awareness under Implicit and Explicit Feedback Conditions (YUCEL YILMAZ & GISELA GRANENA)

9. Perfecting Practice (PATSY MARTIN LIGHTBOWN)

10. The Desirable Difficulty Framework as a Theoretical Foundation for Optimizing and Researching Second Language Practice (YUICHI SUZUKI, TATSUYA NAKATA, & ROBERT DEKEYSER)